Stoke on Trent

Current Vacancies

Engineering your future in space.

The following vacancies will be coming soon……

Translators X 2

Russian/Mandarin translators required to assist with the creation of online content, there will be a requirement to convert english to russian/mandarin technical documentation, perform recordings both vocal and video, advise on correct use of grammar and punctuation, assistance on creating online content to challenge users from five to eighteen year old.

CAD Design X 1

CAD/FreeCAD user to create 3D CAD designs from existing 2D paper designs, create 3D animations utilising the designs avaible and through verbal/written instruction.

Lead Programmer & Programmer

C++ programmers required to create a control system which will control solenoids, present visual indicators, modules can be added and removed, sensor information visually presented and tolerance limits set.

Other programming projects such as our AI systems will be required to be worked upon.