Stoke on Trent

Research, Development and Design

Engineering your future in space.

What is research, development and design, these are our activities which we undertake to develop new products, services and to improve our existing products.

Our research involves investigating and studying problems, issues, and phenomena with the objective of finding practical solutions. This type of research is conducted in the fields of science, engineering, and technology, and our aim is to develop and improve products, processes, and systems.

Research typically involves the use of scientific methods, such as experimentation, data analysis, and computer simulations, to gather and analyze data. Working with specialized equipment and tools to collect and process data, and use mathematical and statistical models to analyze and interpret findings.

The results of our research will be communicated through scientific publications, conferences, and reports. These documents provide detailed descriptions of the research methods used, the data collected, and the results obtained. Technical research findings are then subject to rigorous peer review by other experts in the field before they are published.

Overall, our research plays a critical role in advancing ours and others scientific and technological knowledge, and is essential for the development of new technologies and products that improve lives.

If you have a research project you require undertaking please do not hesitate in contacting us via our contact form (on our main page) or if you would like to invest in one of our own projects please order an Investment Project Pack from our online shop choosing the appropriate project of interest.

Our innovation is the back bone of what we do, it is where we take our steps to acheiving our long term goals. Our long term goals outlined below for our engine development.

  1. Putting satellites into LEO
  2. Develop rockets to put satellites into LEO, MEO, GEO and Elliptical orbits.
  3. Heavy Load Transport Vehicle
  4. MEO/GEO orbital station for research, manufacture and recreation.
  5. Lunar/Venutian research station.