Stoke on Trent

Support Level 12

Support Level 12


£1,000,000 support, every pound of support given goes back into our range of exciting projects.



Your Support is appreciated, for every £1 raised it goes straight back into the business, we are passionate about the area which we work within and are dedicated to improving it for all.

Every £1 of support goes into our exciting projects, from creating content within our Space Cadet Force programme for children, to improving our engines.

For your £1,000,000 support you receive our thanks, one of our fantastic hot/cold personalised Future Aerospace Engineering fluid bottles, which are able to keep hot or cold drinks, hot or cold for longer.

Your name will be added to our Website Hall of Fame and our new facillities wall of fame, emblazend onto our wall forever.

One of our rockets will be named/dedicated after/to you and will be launched into space(LEO).

You will be invited to attend our site and shown around our facillities.

You will either attend in person or watch online the launch of the rocket with your name on it, if you attend in person you will be treated to lunch/dinner with all key staff and launch crew.

You will be named a life long supporter of Future Aerospace Engineering and will be able to visit us for other launches, view launches and test firings online or in person, be taken on tours of the facillities and shown some of our fantastic research projects, what we are developing into new products and services, have access to services before they become mainstream.


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