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Future Aerospace Engineering

Engineering your future in space.

Future Aerospace Engineering

Welcome to Future Aerospace Engineering, we are a new, young and dynamic company.

We are working towards providing launch services, utilising an environmentally friendly rocket. Our rocket fuel and oxidiser end goal is to be renewable, cheap and have a low impact on the planet/environment but provide maximum benefit from the services that we provide.

Our ‘Return To Base‘ project is to ensure that we can re-use the rockets we manufacture, reducing the impact on the environment, the engines are serviceable and will be required to be serviced every 20 hours to ensure optimum performance ( inspection of components will take place after every successful flight, to ensure safety and any necessary adjustments to be made to the servicing ).

The engineers of the future will be inspired today, we want to ensure that there is no shortage of talented young people coming through our schools, that are truly excited about working within the space industry our ‘Space Cadet Force‘ academy will provide the tools for interested individuals to gain knowledge and tools which will assist them in progressing their first steps into the space industry.

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  1. Tim Simms says:

    Loving what you do, keep doing it please 🙂 .

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